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About me 

Curious creative

With a love for numbers

Hi. I’m Marens: a management accountant by study, a marketing strategist by profession and a rigorous insights enthusiast at heart. I thrive on analysis, whether it concerns financial statements or human behaviour

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Swapping Mayo for solar.png

Swapping mayonaise

for solar lamps

In 2010, after a corporate career, I decided to swap mayonnaise for solar lamps and moved to Tanzania. In the following decade I worked with 30+ impact ventures across geographies and sectors, ranging from renewable energy, health and sustainable housing to ethical clothing and land tenure.

Growing impact through sales 


My mission is to help businesses achieve sustainable impact. I do this by demystifying the marketing challenge, breaking it down into actionable pieces that can be tackled by the entire team. I like being a source of energy and inspiration, while providing management with sufficient insights to make clear strategic decisions.

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Strategic buy- in is one of the most critical factors for success. Therefore, I engage key decision makers throughout the process, preferably via in - person workshops. I enjoy collaborating with others and have a network of colleague freelancers who I engage if needed. 

World traveler 

Based in Amsterdam


Happily based in Amsterdam, I also love to travel. My most recent creative challenge has been learning to play the ukulele. I meditate daily and my favourite holidays are bike trips.

Better Together 

Better Together 

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