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Customer Personas

What it is   

Why do it    

How it works 

A detailed picture of your audience based on research and analysis of real customers

Customer personas help you to

  • Identify and prioritise customers

  • Tailor your messages

  • Design more effective campaigns

  • Spend resources effectively

  • Build and adopt a common internal language

Customer Persona Research typically includes:

  • Review of existing research studies at your disposal

  • Staff interviews to capture internal perspective

  • 15 - 20 in - depth interviews with a representative sample of your customers

  • Report capturing the Persona Profiles distilled from interview analysis

  • Workshop with expert facilitation to develop ideas for brand activation

Brand Marketing Plan

What it is  

Why do it   

How it works

A 5 - day workshop leading to a marketing strategy and plan rooted in customer insights

The Brand Marketing Sprint helps you to

  • Gain intimate customer understanding

  • Make evidence-based decisions

  • Ensure team buy in

  • Prepare your team for execution

  • Develop a customer-centric mindset

The Brand Marketing Sprint typically includes :

  • Introductory conversations with key staff members

  • 12 - 15 customer interviews based on a customised topic guidelines

  • Rigorous analysis of customer stories

  • 5 - day interactive team workshop with expert facilitation

  • Capturing key outputs in a concise report

Market study

What it is  

Why do it   

How it works

The collection and analysis of relevant data and insights to inform a market entry strategy, business plan or investment pitch.

A market study helps you to:

  • Identify new growth opportunities

  • Make informed strategic decisions

  • Strengthen your business plan

  • Assure board and investors

  • Agree on roadmap for execution

A market study typically includes

  • Review of existing documentation

  • Desk research

  • Interviews with key prospects and stakeholders

  • Analysis of research findings  

  • Reporting of key insights and recommendations

Anker - Market Study
Anker - Brand Marketing Sprint
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