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Case study

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Since starting in 2010, BURN Manufacturing has been a market leader in the East African cookstove market. Their brand ‘Jikokoa’ allows its users a more comfortable, safe and cost - efficient cooking experience. Recently, a growing number of competitors have entered the market, piggybacking on Jikokoa's success. BURN wants to get better insight in its different customers and their respective growth potential whilst getting its team trained in qualitative research techniques.

The big question

What are the profiles of BURN current customer and what segment has most growth potential?


We conducted a 2 week on the job training, working intensively with the BURN research team:

  • Introductory conversations with key staff members

  • Training of research team in interviewing and listening skills

  • Interviews with BURN's customers as well as users of competitive products

  • Analysis of interview data leading to Customer Personas and Customer Journey Maps

  • Interactive presentation to BURN's marketing, sales and design department


The entire BURN team became inspired about the new found in depth customer understanding. As a result of the training, the team were able to apply the concept of the customer personas and customer journey. Reports are now more conclusive, which trickles down throughout the organisation and assists in decision making discussions, e.g sales team can now identity optimal channels.

Marens' work was an absolute revelation to us! After having been focused mostly on quantitative data, we are amazed by the insights we are gleaning from Marens' qualitative data

Peter Scott, Founder BURN

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