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Case study


In 2011, Fosera was among the first manufacturers to launch quality pico PV systems for low and middle income consumers in emerging markets. With its core strength in product development, Fosera invested limited resources in the marketing and branding of its products.  Meanwhile, the market was getting more crowded, with competitors launching quality products with improved design, more favorable payment terms and quality customer service.

The big question 
How to leverage Fosera's strengths to claim a position in an increasingly competitive market?


We conducted a Brand Marketing Sprint, collecting customer stories from users and potential clients, as input for a 5 - day workshop with key staff across account management, logistics and engineering.


Customer Insights

  • Introductory conversations with key staff members

  • Online interviews with 9 key distributors as workshop input


5 day team workshop

  • Refinement of Fosera's Brand Identity

  • Creation of Persona Profiles

  • Tailored value proposition per target audience

  • Agreement on Fosera’s competitive positioning

  • Established roadmap with priority actions


Following the workshop, Fosera simplified and adapted its product portfolio to meet its customers' needs. The company improved its digital customer experience by establishing a distinctive visual identity and by developing product videos highlighting its unique product features. What’s more, Fosera professionalised its sales process and simplified its after-sales-process taking into account customers’ feedback and suggestions.

The workshop helped us to understand our customers better and to have all departments on the same page. Following the workshop, we started re-designing our processes to optimise the customer experience.  The first customer feedback is very positive, and we will definitely do the Brand Marketing Sprint again!

Catherine Adelmann, Founder Fosera

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